Fight The New World Order with Global Non Compliance

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fightZAVJERE / NOVI SVJETSKI POREDAK – NEW WORLD ORDER (kratkometražni dokumentarni film sa titlovima)

Understand your enemy, and understand the weapons they use. Then use those same weapons against them. The money system is the head of the snake. Cut the head off the snake and the rest of it will whither and die. There need be No violence, no guns, no banners, no slogans, no group think, just a united act of global non compliance.

Remember that it is much easier to fight for principles than to live up to them and it takes a far braver man to stand up for what is right and spit in the face of authority than it does to blindly follow orders due to fear of the consequences. Understand that we are all one and the key to real change and unity in this world lies with love.

ignoranceIt is time for the people of the world to stop and realise that the divisions that supposedly exist amongst us are an illusion. There IS NO division and its time for everyone to understand the truth of this.

It is through the constantly promoted illusion of division that the system is able to function but in order for it to do so, it needs public compliance.

Stop complying with it and you will shut it down.

Its time for Us all to collectively stand together and address the root cause of the problems.


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